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About Elisa

‘Nature does not hurry; yet everything is accomplished’ (Lao Tzu)

Hello, I’m Elisa!

I was born in Vicenza, a small town on a human scale.

Since I was little, I have been lucky enough to have parents who have taken me to the mountains but not only, teaching me the love for the simplest things, such as the sound of cowbells or the color of crystal-clear water in the most hidden bays. I like to think that this is how my love for Nature and the open spaces was born, and that it is no longer over from here.

In front of Dirupi di Larsec and Catinaccio d’Antermoia, Dolomites

I studied Biology for many years: after graduating in Molecular Biology, during which I deepened the role of programmed cell death in tumors, I continued my project in Germany, and then finished my post-doctorate with two years in the United States. Living for a few years outside my country has taught me to see things always with a new perspective, not only because of the challenges you face when you are away from home in a foreign country, but above all thanks to the different people I met on my path.

Cima Fertazza, Civetta, Dolomites

Photography, like mountains, has always accompanied my life: since I was a child, in front of the lens of my dad’s Minolta, who explained to me the rudiments, to my first digital camera, which I took with me for many summers and winters in the Dolomites, on the most beautiful coasts of Sardinia and Salento, and in the backyard with my cat and my dog. Then in Europe, on the Norwegian and Danish cliffs, and in Germany. Finally, in Canada, in the wonderful Banff Park, and in the most beautiful National Parks in the United States: Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Teton and Death Valley.

Grand Teton National Park, US

Photographing is a way of expressing myself and approaching others, bringing out my- perhaps-ideal world, sometimes a little ‘naive’, as I imagine it, only to discover that it is not very far from that of many, albeit with different nuances. I like to think that we are made of the same substance and I like to go to the root of things and people: as the child lives in the adult that is in us, even if sometimes we cannot give him a voice, so Nature is what generated us and to which we will return. Thus, through my photography, I want to convey not only the beauty of Nature but, above all, the importance of not losing contact with it, because only by returning to its simplicity will we be able to appreciate the life we have, together with the people who come with it.

Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park, US

I try to reach the places I photograph only with the help of my legs: walking in Nature is a way for me not only to contribute to sustainability in order to preserve this land for us and our children, but also to move my steps at the slow human natural pace and feel free: on the top of a mountain or in front of a starry night the daily problems transform and slip away from my mind in a serene breeze.