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About Elisa

I’m basically a stubborn and dreamy child. I reach a goal at any cost if it’s in my head; I’m always ready to slam against it but also to start again with new energy.

I’m told that when I was a child, I used to remove the sand’s grains from my beach towel because they bothered me… I was getting methodical and meticulous back then. The search for perfection has always been my strength, but also my weakness… it is said that are imperfections that shake hearts.

Thus, I try to make a reason out of it, reverse the route and look for the imperfection, the extravagant, the abnormal, the imperfect detail that makes a moment, a shot, unique. An out-of-comfort area that, however, always works, because paradoxically it brings me back to the comfort of my real route.

Here, I may be a bit like this: I keep moving those sand’s grains, even if the night’s wind blows them back to the towel, dreaming of the moment when it will be perfect and I can lay on it. In the meantime, however, with those grains I work with all my energies to build a castle every day more beautiful.

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